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The Three (not so little) Pigs™ is a new version of the classic children’s fairytale featuring the three Pig brothers (Chopper, Jolly and Bratwurst), who are now all grown up and taking on the Big Bad Wolf and his nutty Wild Wolf Pack gang as they bring trouble to Fairytale Land.

It’s a 3D animation work in progress, so you’ll have to wait until 2021… but it’ll be well worth the wait!

When released, it will be available for sale on DVD and Blu-Ray® on this website.

Boyer Animation Studios is currently in development of an original 2D and 3D animated cartoons that are fun for all ages such as The Webbs of Lousyana Parish Bayou Swamp™ and The Three (Not So) Little Pigs™. These cartoons are presented in the tradition of classic animated cartoon entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

The Webbs of Lousyana Parish Bayou Swamp™ is a family-friendly cartoon comedy series that parodies the dozens of reality-based swamp shows that flood the cable channels (and the stars of other reality TV shows) who venture into their little bayou. The story is set around the Webb family’s swamp-based soup making business and their adventures of catchin’ critters and daily life. Watch their antics as they try to make their legendary Webb’s Swamp Soups. Their adventures will be featured as “Webbisodes” and will be available for viewing on this site and on Youtube® in 2020.

Teegle the Beagle™ is a new animated children’s storybook about the adventures of a curious and good little puppy named Teegle™. Kids can read along at the bottom of the screen as the story illustrations above come alive through the magic of animation. The first story featured is entitled “Teegle the Beagle™ meets the Little Birdie” and is actually based upon a true encounter between a little blue bird and the author’s own pet beagle several years ago. Make sure to check out the last part of the video to see photos of the real beagle and birdie that inspired the story! NOW ON YOUTUBE !  TEEGLE THE BEAGLE™ COLORING ACTIVITY BOOK COMING SOON !!

Officer O’Smiley and his Safety Friends™ is a series of animated children’s storybooks about the adventures of a friendly police officer, firefighter and paramedic as they help teach kids about safety and good behavior in Happy Town USA. Kids can read along as Officer O’Smiley™ and his friends, Firefighter Friendly™ and Maria the Merry Medic™, present lessons on: staying safe from strangers, how to avoid bullies, pedestrian and bike safety, being kind and helping others, fire prevention and much more! This series of easy-to-read animated books will be available in 2020.

We are also in development of original animated children’s storybooks such as Teegle the Beagle™ and Officer O’Smiley and his Safety Friends™. These entertaining children’s stories show animated illustrations and the words at the bottom of the screen so kids can read along and learn. (For ages 3 to 6+)

Animated Cartoons

Animated Children’s Storybooks

Coming soon! Boyer Animation Studios will feature family-friendly animated cartoon features and animated children’s books for the entertainment of kids and grown-up kids at heart! Stay tuned…



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